Users in 169 countries

We have users in 169 of the world’s 196 countries with more than ⅓ of usage outside of the U.S.


Our viral growth rate is about 5% per day. In other words, for every 100 people who use iCrumz each day, five new users register that day. All this growth is completely organic. Users spread the word when they use iCrumz' 'Share' function and by word of mouth.

If you do the math, 5% daily growth compounds to an annual growth rate of more than 5 billion percent. So why don't we have a bazillion users? The reason is that not all people who register become active users because we need to simplify the ‘onboarding’ process of getting new users up and running with iCrumz. This is described in more detail in the User Engagement section below. Fortunately this problem will be solved with the next generation of iCrumz, a stand-alone application version we are actively developing (more on that in the Product Development section below). Once we solve this onboarding problem, our active user base should grow dramatically because its growth rate will more directly track the pace at which new users are registering.


In terms of basic user demographics, we have a broad age band of users and skew male.