Our users are happily addicted to iCrumz 

Onboarding is the process of bringing on a new registered user. Right now, four things need to happen to onboard a new user. They need to (1) click on the activate link in the welcome email, (2) make sure the bookmarks bar is displayed in their Web browser, and (3 and 4) drag the +iCrumz and iCrumz.Share items from the footer of the iCrumz page to their bookmarks bar. This seems pretty straight forward, but never underestimate the capacity for users to not get it. 

The first challenge is simply getting users who register to click the activation link in their welcome email. Fully 43% of people who register never click on that activation link. Consider how many sites you check out that you're willing to give your email address and password to and create an account. Not too many. That site must have something pretty impressive. Something you want pretty badly. It just kills us that so many people who want iCrumz that badly don't activate their account. Even though we have optimized our welcome email as much as possible to avoid being flagged as spam, we believe that the majority of this is caused by our welcome email with the activation link being blocked as spam. Still, iCrumz’ 57% of registered users who are active is better than Twitter’s 45%.

We also lose users who don't know how to configure iCrumz to work in their browser or don't even know that they have to configure it. This involves displaying their bookmarks bar and dragging the +iCrumz and iCrumz.Share items onto it. Indeed only about 7% of activated users use iCrumz in any given day, which we believe is principally due to users failing to take the final three steps in onboarding. Now 7% is nothing to be ashamed of (Pinterest, when valued at $11 billion, had only 1.9% of its users visit each day), but we believe that our rate will increase a great deal once we launch the stand-alone version of iCrumz and thereby streamline the onboarding process.

But here's the kicker. There are two key metrics that show that once users get onboarded, they become voracious iCrumz users: people who complete the onboarding process use iCrumz an average of 18 days every month and 11 times per day on the days they do use iCrumz. Think about other online tools you use. Do you use them 18 times per month? Do you use Evernote, Pinterest, Yelp or Twitter more than every other day?


In the chart above, the "At-least-X clickers" data are computed as follows. The goal is to measure how many times an iCrumz user uses iCrumz each month. This is a bit challenging to compute since it’s impossible to know exactly how many users have completed the onboarding process. We use Google Analytics to count every time a registered user clicks on a bookmark link. Every point on the three lines in the chart above is a count of how many times in the prior 30 days each registered user who clicked on at least one bookmark X days (i.e., 1, 2 or 3 days) in the 15-day period immediately prior to the 30-day period being counted used iCrumz. The green line represents the most accurate measure of how many times an iCrumz user uses iCrumz each month, which hovers around 18 times per month.

The following chart shows the average and median number of bookmark clicks by all users each day. These values have remained remarkable consistent.


The new stand-alone iCrumz app will solve the entire onboarding process. New users will simply double-click the iCrumz installer, and they will be onboarded in that single step. There is nothing more to do; iCrumz is immediately setup and ready to use.

There are typically about 30% more iCrumz users on weekdays than on weekends. This shows how iCrumz is a serious personal productivity tool in professional settings.


When we look at the usage of iCrumz by day of the week, there's a clear pattern of usage: heavier on weekdays than weekends, holidays and even Fridays to an extent.


The following chart shows the steady growth of iCrumz’ usage each day, where the count of daily users is a count of how many registered users clicked on at least one bookmark that day (i.e., "Clickers"). You can see a leveling off or dips in growth of usage during the summer months, holiday seasons and otherwise when people are typically away from their computer. This reinforces the notion that iCrumz is being used most heavily in professional settings.


While the average iCrumz user uses iCrumz 18 times a month, there are of course some users who use iCrumz more and less frequently. The chart below compares the number of unique daily, weekly and monthly Clickers, measured daily.


The number of bookmarks clicked each day, month and in total are growing at a fairly consistent pace as well.

Image 022.png