The stand-alone iCrumz app 

There are certain functional limitations of running any webservice in a Web browser versus running as a stand-alone application. These restrictions are imposed for security reasons by operating systems and Web browsers. Imagine if by just visiting a website that website could read and change files on your computer; it would be a security nightmare, which is why these security restrictions are in place.

By expanding iCrumz into an full-blown, stand-alone app that runs on your computers and mobile devices, we free ourselves from these restrictions and can add tremendous capabilities and value to iCrumz, enabling iCrumz to become the primary user interface for 90% of the things for which you now use your operating systems. The video below gives a quick overview of this next generation of iCrumz.

We've certainly seen how effective apps have penetrated the mobile market, but we have not seen the same degree of enthusiasm for online apps back on the computer platform. However, where developers have done this, such as with Spotify, Hulu, Skype and Evernote, it has been extremely successful.

iCrumz as a stand-alone app running on all your devices will allow us to expand iCrumz' functionality dramatically. For example this new version of iCrumz will enable users to quickly and easily organize and access links to not only their favorite websites but also to files on their computer, network and in the cloud and software applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, all in one interface. There is nothing that offers this functionality today.

We will also be able to expand iCrumz' search capability to search through the content of the files on all the computers and other devices you use, search through your emails and contact management software, search through your calendar and your Facebook and Instagram posts and your Yelp and Amazon reviews. Basically everything! A single, universal search interface for your entire digital universe! Imagine searching for a steak restaurant in Chicago with this future version of iCrumz. If a college buddy who lives in Chicago and follows you on Twitter did a Yelp review for a steak restaurant in Chicago, that review would show up on the top of your iCrumz search results simply because they are in your social graph because they follow you on Twitter.

So basically, iCrumz will become the primary user interface to get to wherever you're going next. That's why our tagline is, "Start Here." With iCrumz, we are pioneering an entirely new software product category we call "digital launchpad."

As a stand-alone app, iCrumz will be able to maintain an unprecedentedly detailed contextual private database for each user. This database will not be stored on iCrumz servers but instead stored on the user's devices in encrypted form. This is how ultra-secure apps like password managers work so effectively and securely. There is no sensitive data stored on iCrumz servers so nothing available to be hacked. 

Each user will have complete transparency and control over the extent of this private data-mining. iCrumz servers will never have access to this data. Instead the iCrumz app on each user's device will use the database stored locally on their device.

We are already far along in development of this stand-alone version of iCrumz. If you watch the investor video referenced above, you will notice that I was in Excel and was able to bring up iCrumz instantly, from within Excel, not having to switch to a Web browser. You just hit Alt-Z no matter what you're doing on your computer, no matter what application you're using, and up pops iCrumz. That's part of what I was talking about earlier when I said that iCrumz is just easier - easier to get to the content that you care about. If you can get to your content so quickly this way, why would you take the longer way? You wouldn't. You won't. 

Notice also in the investor overview video in the Overview section above that the stand-alone version of iCrumz gives the user access to not only websites but also to files and applications. You can open a file by just clicking on its name. You can open any application, like Microsoft Word, by just clicking on its name. The stand-alone version of iCrumz has the same drag and drop user interface with collapsible folders as the Web version. It's just easier to get to, faster and better with more functionality, and it also solves the critical onboarding problem that we have now that once solved will blow the roof off our growth rate.

It’s important to point out that 80% of our development/engineering work cannot be seen in the version of iCrumz that is available to the public. This 80% has been spent on version 2 of the iCrumz platform (the stand-alone app version) that we have in alpha right now.

Technology Credit Report

iCrumz went through an extensive technology audit that was commissioned by Tech Coast Angels as part of their investment due diligence process.

The audit was conducted by Technology Credit Report over the course of three weeks and involved 73 pages of survey questions and answers and three hours of interviews.

We are very proud of the results of the audit, which can be viewed by clicking the image of the report.

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