Leveraging partnerships to spread the word 

Our viral growth rate is pretty impressive at 5% per day. All this growth is completely organic simply from people using iCrumz. People spread the word when they use iCrumz' 'Share' function and by word of mouth. In the future, we will do some modest online advertising, but we expect that our business development initiatives will be our greatest catalyst for growth.

Consider the Automobile Association of America (AAA) as an example. They provide auto insurance, roadside assistance, travel services and discounts at hotels. But guess what ... they also offer a myriad of other services they want you to know about, like bail bonds, discounts at 160,000 restaurants and retailers, travelers checks, a credit card, gift cards, personal liability and business insurance, a car-buying service, DMV and passport services, currency exchange, identity theft protection, notary services and a bunch of other stuff. They would love their 54 million members to know about all these things. So we will offer them a AAA-branded version of iCrumz with a customized starter bookmark collection that includes links showcasing all that they offer and encouraging their members to use the iCrumz platform. iCrumz will split the affiliate revenue from their members with them, giving AAA (and iCrumz) a potential additional revenue stream of more than $600 million per year.

Now take that model and expand it to AARP's 37 million members and the hundreds of other similar membership organizations and you start to appreciate the scope of the opportunity at the business development level and how quickly this promotional channel can become massive for us. Now add to that all the chambers of commerce and trade organizations out there. They have large memberships and would love an additional source of revenue, as do churches and synagogues, schools, sports teams, the Boy Scouts and any other group looking for ways to fundraise. This whole initiative will be accelerated by enabling these groups to self-configure their own branded iCrumz launchpad, which makes this growth channel extremely scalable with very little related resources required from iCrumz.

We will also offer application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable third-party websites and applications to tie into the iCrumz platform, further accelerating our growth and increasing our value to users.

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